Me before You – Jojo Moyes



So at the moment it seems as though I only read sad books, of course i do read ‘happy’ books it’s just the sad ones are really often the best. This time I decided to torture my tear ducts Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You.

I first came across Me Before You when a friend of mine was reading it a few months ago. She really enjoyed the book and strongly advised i read it but with the suggestion I had a few tissues at hand before beginning it ( I would probably advise the same). I then saw it advertised in my local library and college library as book of the month and decided to give it a read.

The story is centered around 26 year old Louisa (Lou). When we first meet her she is supporting her family, which consists of her mum, dad, granddad, sister Treena and her nephew Tom, with a small payed job at local small town cafe ‘The Buttered Bun’. However, very early on in the novel she is made redundant and is forced to find a new job and with a large struggling family to support she has to find one fast.

After a few failed attempts she comes across a carers job but is doubtful she’ll be accepted with her lack of qualifications. However, she is surprised to find she has landed the job caring for very upper-class young quadriplegic Will Traynor whom she quickly discovers is extremely bitter about losing his formerly active lifestyle to a motorbiking accident not too long ago. We soon learn of Will’s hardships and struggles and of his real desire to just give up on life without the ability to be the person he once was.

Typically, like most other love stories we read nowadays the two start of with a mutual dislike but soon bond over things they never thought they would. Sooner or later the two fall in love but unlike many stories their story doesn’t finish there.

Moyes really captures a real sense of reality in this novel. Lou’s character is very normal and someone you’d likely come across on the bus journey home if she were real. She’s nothing extraordinary and is very easily relatable to most readers. Will is also far from the typical Prince charming and is slightly unlikable at first but, like Lou, as a reader i found it hard not to love him by the end.This is a great love story but isn’t your typical fairy-tale romance equipped with a traditional happy ending. It’s quite a sad story but fortunately has it’s sweet and funny moments throughout.

By the end of the book i was left with so many questions and had a little debate going with myself over whether or not i agreed with what came of Will and Lou in the end . Of course, it was a great ending to the book despite how many tissues it had me using and was made even better by the fact that throughout the novel Moyes managed to tackle some tough moral issues that really added a seriousness and sense of reality to the book.

I’m not going to spoil the book by telling you the ending. It’s one of those stories that’s completely ruined if you know the outcome but it’s a great book and worth a read to find out for yourself.


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